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Welcome to Artistic Pools and Spas, where we specialize in building small pools, spools, plunge pools, and spas that offer custom pool design options to fit any Tucson home’s backyard and budget. At Artistic Pools and Spas, we are mindful that not everyone wants or needs a large pool. We provide our customers in Tucson various custom pool designs and construction services to help you create the ultimate backyard retreat for you and your family.

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If you want something even smaller for your Tucson home, a spool pool is the way to go. Spools combine a spa with a small pool to provide the ideal combination of beauty and enjoyment. Our spool pools are available in Tucson in various sizes and styles, making them a perfect choice for homeowners with restricted space.



Our designers in Tucson aren’t limited to custom swimming pools, they can also create custom-designed spas. Whether you’re looking for a simple and functional spa or a luxurious one with all the bells and whistles, our team can create a spa that perfectly fits your needs and budget. The only limit is your imagination!

Plunge Pools

On the other hand, our plunge pools are ideal for individuals who wish to utilize their space to take a quick dip. By design, they are compact and easy to maintain, making them perfect for a brief swim or simply adding a beautiful water feature to your space. Our team in Tucson can create this custom pool design to match your exact plunge pool needs.

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At Artistic Pools and Spas, we believe your backyard should be a beautiful and functional environment you can enjoy as long as you own your home. To embody our mission, we provide a variety of bespoke pool designs and building options to assist you in creating the backyard sanctuary of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more about our Tucson team’s custom pool designs that include small pools, spools, plunge pools, and spas!

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The start date begins when i) the pool and hardscape design is complete and ii) the pool/spa contract is signed. Owner is required to select waterline tile, interior finish, and equipment during the design phase. Delays caused by engineering and permitting (beyond the time allotted for engineering/permitting) are out of our control and could delay the start date. If the pool /spa is part of a new home build, you will secure access approval from your Home Builder and HOA for us to enter the property. If access is denied during the construction phase we can start your pool/spa after closing. Excavation will commence within 15-business days of closing. This offer is limited to the projects we accept during the offer period including those which can reasonably start within the time period offered. Other pool/spa projects may be accepted with alternative start dates that are acceptable to the Owner and Artistic Pools and Spas, LLC. Completion dates are subject to the pool/spa size and complexity and whether landscaping is included in the project. The estimated completion date will be specified in the pool/spa contract.
Artistic Pools and Spas is a licensed pool/spa contractor, ROC 328207.